Tradu – Net, a professional service network for specialized translations.
Traducción Técnica Especializada
Tradu – Net, a professional service network for specialized translations.
Communicating has been a concern for human beings since they appeared on the face of the Earth. From that moment on they had to make great efforts to create and develop a form of communication, which resulted of primary importance for the species survival.
Nowadays there is no valid or acceptable theory about the origin and evolution of language, although with great possibilities to be right we can adventure to suppose that everything started with primitive gestures and sounds surely imitating nature, with humans starting to relate in small groups, they transformed into common words for the members of each group, until they reached the point of constituting a language.
Tradu – Net, una red de servicios profesionales de traducción especializada.
If things somehow happened this way, then it is logical to understand that each group had their own language, hence giving origin to very diverse languages. Some of them inclusive product of the fusion of two or more languages belonging to groups which crossed along the road, and the result is a world in which more than 6,500 languages are spoken and at least 25 of them are considered of great importance because of there extensive coverage.
Today the challenge is to maintain the 6,500 million inhabitants of the Earth that the UNO indicates communicated. And this is especially important in these times in which suddenly and thanks mainly to Internet, the world is transforming into a global village that Mc Luhan anticipated. Today frontiers have changed and their dividing power is lesser, the distances have shortened and the contact between people of the most diverse cultures and countries has grown, making the services of translation of languages to become every day more necessary.
Today more than ever it is fundamental to overcome the language barrier, because only this way we can compete in a global world.
Speaking of surpassing the language barrier means not only making ourselves understood, it also means communicating in a clear, precise way and with no place for a minor doubt our ideas, given that a business built on misunderstood or inexact ideas, can have serious consequences. Therefore, we must be conscious that when communicating with people of other countries and cultures we have the need of a specialized translation service to use words according to their own meaning, technicality and language within the frame context being treated. Your company’s prestige is what is at stake, do not risk it unnecessarily.