Traducción Técnica Especializada
Order translation services
To contract our services please follow the steps indicated below:
1. If you are a new customer send us your information: name, company, business line, address, e-mail, telephone, kind of document to translate, original and final languages, clicking on the link located below these instructions.
2. If you are already our customer, only indicate in the message your customer code, type of document and languages.
3. By e-mail return we will send you a quotation, payment conditions and delivery time.
4. Clicking on the indicated mail link, you may attach to the message the document to be translated.
5. You will receive by e-mail the translated document, complying previously with the payment conditions specified in the corresponding quotation.
6. If you experiment any problem sending the document or if you have any comment about the finished translation, send us a message here.